The Witness Development Team trains Christians in relational sharing of the Gospel. The Witness Development Evangelism workshop teaches Biblical stories with conversational questions in an effective method of communicating the Gospel message. SOM also trains Christians through discipleship with Oral Inductive Bible Study Workshops. Click here for more information on each workshop we offer.

  • Witness Development Update – Making Disciples (6/13/2018) - Witness Development Update “. . . then I knew this method really worked!” Our hope behind the Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) & Witness Development Evangelism (WDE) trainings is to see disciples making disciples. It’s even better when disciples make disciples who make disciples, this would be three generations. Larry and Janet are a very dynamic couple who […]
  • Letter from SOM Partner (6/15/2017) - “During 2016 David and Pastor Singh passed through El Paso and we met and had a wonderful time of eating and prayer and fellowship.  Our grandson, Ben, will never forget Pastor Singh praying for him.  We wish we were better off financially to support SOM.  We read each E-mail update and every word of the […]
  • Celebrating Together! (3/15/2017) - Congratulations to Carol Smith  Senior Instructor Discussion Discipleship Method   Commendation from CEO – David Witt Carol has been an incredible blessing to SOM since 2012. I want to congratulate Carol’s hard work and accomplishment of becoming a Senior Instructor of the Witness Development Workshops. I’ve seen her courage and perseverance as she has used […]
  • Witness Development Update (3/3/2016) -  Equipping Christians to Serve as Witnesses and Making Disciples   In January Spirit of Martyrdom partnered with Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Brentwood, CA to host a Discussion Discipleship Workshop.  We spent 14-hours over a weekend learning how to discover and apply the deep truths hidden in God’s word. It was a great privilege to have the pastoral team of the church involved in […]
  • Muslim Outreach Update (5/26/2015) - Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) are SOM teams reaching out to Muslims at mosques across America   I am greatly encouraged with the way the Lord is constantly planting more seeds of faith in my own heart and the Muslims that I have opportunity to witness to. Here is a great example of how all it takes is […]