Khash’s Story

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My name is Khash, and I was born into a very religious Hindu family. Our region was very dark and filled with strong cultic belief systems and opposition against the true gospel and followers of Jesus Christ. For generations, our people believed various; complicated Hindu practices. The whole country is filled with a large number of […]

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer

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Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer Baswa’s Transformation I was born into an extreme Hindu family. For generations we followed the Hindu rituals and worshiped many gods. My grandparents and great grandparents died as Hindus and therefore I inherited an abundance of Hindu thought and religious teachings. This affected many aspects of my life and […]

February Newsletter 2012

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February – Fearless Prayer for Bangladesh Reported By David Witt Pray for the two Muslims who lead the SOM team through a tour of Bishwa Ijtema grounds.  Last week one of our contacts from Bangladesh was arrested for sharing Christian materials at the second largest Muslim festival in the world. This festival attracts as many […]

April Newsletter

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FEARLESS LOVE IN PAKISTAN “David is able to pray for  over 60 seeking Muslims during his visit to Pakistan. I met Muslims in Pakistan who discovered a life of righteous love through faith in Christ.  Many wonder how any Muslim can become a Christian since the Qur’an commands death to apostates.  All Muslim background believers […]

Fearless Love: December 2009

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Early Witnesses of Christmas? Who were the early witnesses of Christmas? Some of the first witnesses of Christ are overlooked. The serpent was told that the offspring of Eve (Christ) would bruise his head in Genesis 3:15 and Satan has been a raging lion ever since. The prophets foretold of the great and awesome coming […]