India Testimony – Transformed Village

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My name is Jamal and I was healed from a lung disease and gave my life to Jesus. Since the day I was saved, I began actively witnessing the power of the gospel to hundreds of people. I would share the gospel at home, on the streets, in the marketplaces and wherever I was led to share. As […]

Dabak’s Testimony

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My name is Dabak and I grew up in a strong Hindu home. My life was transformed five years ago. I am now involved in full time ministry. In India, there is a village totally dominated with a belief system where people think they can experience potential and strength in them if they do a lot […]

Sindhu’s Testimony

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My name is Sindhu and I am 18 years old. I was born to strong Hindu parents in North India. Growing up, we decorated my family’s home as a temple and all sorts of religious articles were placed in our home. Each day, we would worship a different deity and strongly believed it was very […]

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer

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Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer Baswa’s Transformation I was born into an extreme Hindu family. For generations we followed the Hindu rituals and worshiped many gods. My grandparents and great grandparents died as Hindus and therefore I inherited an abundance of Hindu thought and religious teachings. This affected many aspects of my life and […]