Spirit of Martyrdom keeps forefront the Christ-like characteristics of Faith, Hope and Love. The greatest value being love. (1 Cor. 13:13) We shall express these godly characteristics in every part of our ministry. Our lives and work shall live out these expressions of the Body of Christ.

  • Faith includes holding on at great cost and persevering with calculated risk. This value is seen in Scripture and life as faithfulness, courage and integrity.
  • Hope builds upon faith and incorporates vision. This is a vision for the lost, the unrighteous, the violent, persecutors and sinners of all sorts. Hope includes the perseverance of the saints in redemption, healing and relief in suffering.
  • Love is the greatest foundation for our ministry. Love is based upon sacrifice. The greater the sacrifice, the greater love is expressed. Martyrdom is love… and loss of life is ultimate love. Martyrs are all witnesses of Christ and certainly include those who are faithful even unto death. We seek to honor, encourage and serve the martyrs of Christ living out their faith today at great sacrifice and risk.

Spirit of Martyrdom considers relationships as priority. Relationships with God and others are strongest when based upon a martyr’s love and their service. The Scriptures state that disciples shall be known by their love.

  • Our relationship with God through Jesus Christ and filled with His Holy Spirit.
  • Relationships with the global Body of Christ. Those relationships are found in all who call upon Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Relationships with all mankind. Believing that God desires that no one perish. Holding on to hope that all mankind are not beyond God’s grace.
  • We give preference to the underdog. Christians are the number one persecuted discriminated minority group in the world. We unapologetically serve suffering Christians first and then reach out to the lost and enemies of Christ second. Christ came for the unrighteous not the righteous and the sick not the healthy so we desire redemption for the worst of sinners and justice as possible. As our sister in Christ and widower of her martyred husband said, “Justice is to share the love of Christ’s work with others.”
  • We seek out those who suffer for His name. We mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. We bear together the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • We desire reconciliation for all mankind and persevere with hope. Remembering that a bruised reed, Christ will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not extinguish.

Spirit of Martyrdom is a ministry that was started by the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. It belongs to Christ and He is the head. In this regard, SOM will practice corporate and individual humility. Humility being defined as not thinking low of oneself and not thinking high of oneself, but the freedom not to have to think of oneself. (Gal. 2:20) Our identity is found as new creations in Christ. Therefore, SOM will boldly and courageously proclaim and execute its mission with an aim at lifting all the work of Christ and His Kingdom as possible.

  • We aim to network with other like-minded and complimentary ministries in order to serve the living martyrs of the Body of Christ.
  • In relationships with other ministries and individuals, we seek mutual benefiting relationships. In the short term, we prefer to be wronged than to wrong.
  • In faithfulness to the mission purpose of Spirit of Martyrdom, we encourage, applaud and strengthen the work of other ministries and individuals, believing that God rewards and provides for the needs and recognition of Spirit of Martyrdom and its employees.
  • Spirit of Martyrdom recognizes the multiplicity of needs globally of the living martyrs and therefore encourages corporate and individual creativity, ingenuity and even supporting new ministries as needed.
  • When serving the living martyrs of the Body of Christ internationally, we seek to learn and listen before decisions are made and work is delegated.

Spirit of Martyrdom
is exemplary in manners of finance. Spirit of Martyrdom seeks accountability in all financial matters. We practice transparency with practicality and we seek wisdom in communication of money matters. Spirit of Martyrdom is a ministry of faith, trusting God to meet our needs.

  • Financial practices are done so as to avoid even a hint of evil.
  • In manners of donor relationships and communications, we never manipulate. We state our needs with confidence, believing if this is God’s work, it is His provision and He will ultimately lead hearts to give.
  • We prioritize serving our partners first and therefore, let God worry about the financial needs.
  • We desire to pay our employees a living wage. This means that families can live at an average level regarding cost of living determined by merit, training, experience and the greater community where they live. Spirit of Martyrdom encourages couples and families to unified ministry and therefore aims to compensate the bread winner at a living wage.
  • Recognizing that some believers’ gift is service and they have means to volunteer, Spirit of Martyrdom encourages and honors volunteers and their service.
  • Spirit of Martyrdom is committed to spending ministry funds for its mission purpose as efficiently as possible. We avoid accumulation of large funds and savings accounts. We believe that when partners give to the work of the living martyrs, those funds should be spent in their behalf as soon as possible.


Spirit of Martyrdom seeks prayer on all levels.

  • Spirit of Martyrdom Board of Directors value and practice prayer for all duties.
  • Spirit of Martyrdom employees practice prayer in their duties.
  • Spirit of Martyrdom encourages prayer with partners and in all relationships. We desire a ministry that is covered by prayer and seeks prayer partners.

Spirit of Martyrdom seeks balance between international ministry and domestic ministry. It understands mutual dependence as a Bride of Christ. As Spirit of Martyrdom serves our persecuted church, the persecuted church serves the believers in free and prosperous nations through their godly example and witness. Therefore, we seek a mutually benefiting balance in budgeting, time and service.

  • As the domestic resources and funds rise, so the benefit increases to persecuted believers and ministries. Likewise, as ministry expands internationally with persecuted believers, Spirit of Martyrdom serves the Church of the free world with testimonies of faith, hope and love. Spirit of Martyrdom desires to inspire believers of all kinds.

Spirit of Martyrdom builds its relationships domestically and internationally upon Biblical trust and wisdom. Spirit of Martyrdom rewards and honors ministries and individuals with time tested integrity that has shown the fruit of the Spirit. Spirit of Martyrdom practices trust beginning with little resources in a new relationship and builds up to greater resources over seasons as God blesses.

Spirit of Martyrdom honors the martyr’s heritage. We teach the Hebrew and Greek doctrine of Scripture regarding martyrdom. We determine to bring attention to the sacrifice of the living martyrs throughout history. We give special tribute to Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand and their influence in this ministry. We also seek to honor even the smallest sacrifice and contribution of the friends of Spirit of Martyrdom.