Evangelism Workshop Testimony

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I am pleased to introduce to you Tina Wright, who recently was promoted to Senior Instructor status for SOM Witness Development Workshops. A Senior Instructor is someone who has become proficient to lead and coach in the Discussion Discipleship Workshops and Witness Development Evangelism Workshops. They have demonstrated maturity of Christ-like leadership and fruit of […]

Lomalinda: A Beautiful Hill by Russell Stendal, Jr.

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Lomalinda is a beautiful place.  It’s located in the plains of eastern Colombia, however Lomalinda isn’t flat. Lomalinda translates to “Beautiful Hill” an apt name for this land.  The rolling hills are a peaceful contrast from the stubbornly flat land it lies between. Sadly, Lomalinda has not seen peace for the last few decades. It […]

Khash’s Story

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My name is Khash, and I was born into a very religious Hindu family. Our region was very dark and filled with strong cultic belief systems and opposition against the true gospel and followers of Jesus Christ. For generations, our people believed various; complicated Hindu practices. The whole country is filled with a large number of […]

October Latin America Prayer Alert – Watered In Faith – El Tablón Update

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Watered in Faith Reported By Samuel Hernandez We send our most sincere appreciation for the help received from our partners, individuals and anonymous friends who continue supporting the tremendous work of God in Colombia. The El Tablón project to help persecuted displaced Paez Christians in Colombia is doing well. A few weeks ago, we inaugurated […]

Witness Development Update – Making Disciples

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Witness Development Update “. . . then I knew this method really worked!” Our hope behind the Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) & Witness Development Evangelism (WDE) trainings is to see disciples making disciples. It’s even better when disciples make disciples who make disciples, this would be three generations. Larry and Janet are a very dynamic couple who […]

India Testimony – Transformed Village

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My name is Jamal and I was healed from a lung disease and gave my life to Jesus. Since the day I was saved, I began actively witnessing the power of the gospel to hundreds of people. I would share the gospel at home, on the streets, in the marketplaces and wherever I was led to share. As […]

June Latin America Prayer Alert – El Tablón

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By: Samuel Hernandez In the previous newsletter, we mentioned a new and great opportunity we have to help another Christian Paez displaced community located in Huila. This project is called El Tablón and it will be our second big project with a community for persecuted Paez Christians. El Tablón is a mountainous plateau and the […]

Dabak’s Testimony

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My name is Dabak and I grew up in a strong Hindu home. My life was transformed five years ago. I am now involved in full time ministry. In India, there is a village totally dominated with a belief system where people think they can experience potential and strength in them if they do a lot […]

Bibles Without Borders Project – Latin America Update

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  January 2018 marked the 54th anniversary of the ministry of our family in Colombia. I was eight years old at the time and can still vividly remember the night flight from Miami to Bogotá in a four-engine piston DC-6 over the moonlit Caribbean. At dawn we reached the north coast of Colombia and the […]

Sindhu’s Testimony

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My name is Sindhu and I am 18 years old. I was born to strong Hindu parents in North India. Growing up, we decorated my family’s home as a temple and all sorts of religious articles were placed in our home. Each day, we would worship a different deity and strongly believed it was very […]

“But You Care, Don’t You?” Article about Russell Stendal – by Douglas Feavel

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Russell Stendal But You Care, Don’t You? When a man’s ways please the Lord. (Proverbs 16:7) The window for openly evangelizing in Colombia, South America, began to violently slam shut in the late 1970s. Farming, which was still the country’s largest industry, became committed to the production of cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Drugs were fast on there way to becoming […]

The Lone Ranger – by Russell Stendal

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The Unquenchable Life   (A Study of Acts Chapters 8 – 28)   by Russell M. Stendal   Introduction   I have been called a wide range of derogatory names over the years, even to the extent of being denounced in some sectors as the antichrist (Matthew 5:10-12). One of the more interesting titles conferred […]

Letter from SOM Partner

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“During 2016 David and Pastor Singh passed through El Paso and we met and had a wonderful time of eating and prayer and fellowship.  Our grandson, Ben, will never forget Pastor Singh praying for him.  We wish we were better off financially to support SOM.  We read each E-mail update and every word of the […]

Update On Kelly From Colombia

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Colombia  Update About Kelly     Click Here to Listen to Update Kelly’s husband Pabel was martyred in 2014 while delivering Bibles to a hostile Colombian Native American region. SOM workers were able to encourage and walk with Kelly during those difficult days and helped her relocate by purchasing land and building a house for her […]

Latin America Update – Shaken

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Reported by Russell and Marina Stendal Implementation of the Peace Accord has been slow and filled with obstacles. The FARC guerrillas finally arrived at the stipulated sites where they were to turn over their weapons only to be told that the United Nations was not ready to receive them. Also, little or no preparation had […]

Damascus Gold Medallion – Honoring Albert Luepnitz

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  Here in Bogota, Albert Luepnitz just finished another ministry tour in which a large number of military officers including top generals (retired and active) responded and were deeply touched by the Lord. Albert received military awards and honors from the Army, Air Force and the National Police and a ceremony is pending with the […]

North Africa Testimony

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(This story has been sanitized for security reasons. Details of names and places have been omitted or changed. The English has been edited only when needed for clarity, as we wanted everyone to hear his story as he told it.)   My name is Abdoul and I am 53 years old. When I was young, […]

Celebrating Together!

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Congratulations to Carol Smith  Senior Instructor Discussion Discipleship Method   Commendation from CEO – David Witt Carol has been an incredible blessing to SOM since 2012. I want to congratulate Carol’s hard work and accomplishment of becoming a Senior Instructor of the Witness Development Workshops. I’ve seen her courage and perseverance as she has used […]

From Depression to a Fulfilled Life – Sayeed’s Testimony

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Sayeed’s Testimony From Depression to a Fulfilled Life   Hello, my name is Sayeed. I am 30 years old and living with my older brother in a small house in the Middle East. I grew up in a Muslim family and had a difficult childhood. I lost my father when I was very young. Therefore, I […]

A New Song In Colombia – Latin America Update

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  Click Here To Listen To Update   Reported by David Witt Beautiful music rang throughout the meeting hall last week as world – renowned Cuban pianist, Frank Fernandez, honored Russell with a concert on a grand piano in Bogota, Colombia.  Leaders and dignitaries traveled from afar to honor Russell Stendal for his contribution of […]

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer

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Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer Baswa’s Transformation I was born into an extreme Hindu family. For generations we followed the Hindu rituals and worshiped many gods. My grandparents and great grandparents died as Hindus and therefore I inherited an abundance of Hindu thought and religious teachings. This affected many aspects of my life and […]

Muslim World Update – From Depression to Joy

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Amin’s Testimony My name is Amin; I am 32 years old from the Middle East and this is my testimony of how I started believing in God and how He took all my burdens. I was living in a very small neighborhood and I worked installing cable TV and security systems in malls and institutions. […]

Peace Treaty Update

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  October 2016   Latin America Prayer Alert   Peace Treaty Update   Reported by: Russell and Marina Stendal The population voted down the Colombian Peace Treaty by a fraction of a percent at 50.2. The bilateral ceasefire remains in place and the guerrillas went on record saying they desire to continue negotiations and will […]

Uncompromising the Gospel – Latin America Update

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July 2016 Latin America Prayer Alert Reported by: Russell Stendal   Uncompromising the Gospel Message In Colombia, the homicide rate is now reported to be 25.9 murders per hundred thousand inhabitants and overall crime rates in many areas are down. This is the lowest rate reported in forty years, yet still one of the highest […]

Muslim World Update – Freedom by Forgiving

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Freedom By Forgiving Salamn’s Testimony My name is Salamn and I am 26 years old. I am married and have one child. I grew up in a wealthy family, but I worked hard and had to pay for all my own expenses. My father never helped me even in my hardest days. I am a […]

Muslim World Update

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Sahar’s Testimony Hello Family, My name is Sahar and I am 20 years old. I was born into a wealthy family and I am the youngest. Since I was a child my parents fought. Therefore, they decided to separate so they both started living in different apartments. Very seldom did I see my father. He […]

Muslim World Update

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  My name is Ali and I am 22 years old. I was born in an ordinary religious family, but my family members were always quarreling. This situation made me a nervous, impatient person in many aspects of my life. I grew up in a neighborhood of criminals and drug dealers. My older brother and I […]

Muslim World Update – Defeating Hopelessness

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From Defeating Hopelessness to Overcoming Peace   Hello, my name is Tuba and I am 26 years old. I got married four years ago, but I got a divorce six months ago and now I live with my sister. This is my testimony of how God found me. Most families in my nation do not have peace. […]