Discussion Discipleship Method Workshop


The Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) Workshop is to encourage and equip the Church in the United States. We hope to partner with the Church in serving not only the metaphorical Jerusalem (local community), but also the ends of the earth (global community). The DDM process is designed to help Christians rekindle their first love with God and His Word. Scripture is foundational in our relationship with God. Christ commanded Christians to make disciples and instruct them to keep all His commands (Matthew 28:20).

SOM, as a global ministry, is in a unique position to observe fruitful practices of church growth worldwide. As a non-denominational ministry, SOM is available to serve the Church in America by sharing effective discipleship tools. We have instructors who receive extensive training for effective teaching. Domestically, our goal is to embolden the witness of Christ in America and consequently strengthen relationships in supporting our brothers and sisters globally.


This method helped me to focus on the framework; being able to visualize it brings life to it, the scripture comes alive.  – Larry


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The Discussion Discipleship Method develops skills that are based on fundamental Biblical principles:

  • Principle: Scripture is sufficient for Godly maturity

    • Skill: Inductive Bible Study

  • Principle: Faith comes through hearing God’s Word

    • Skill: Easily and accurately learn God’s Word 

  • Principle: Listening is a prerequisite to understanding

    • Skill: Listening to what the Holy Spirit is doing in others 

  • Principle: Hiding God’s Word in the heart

    • Skill: Ease in learning portions of the Scripture 

  • Principle: Questions facilitate discovery

    • Skill: Forming questions to discover spiritual truths

  • Principle: Teaching internalizes learning

    • Skill: Small group instructional leadership

  • Principle: Leaders producing leaders

    • Skill: Leadership development 

  • Principle: Serving the Church as a team with Christ as the leader

    • Skill: Managing multiple leaders


 This training workshop renewed my enthusiasm for the Word of God, it was a story form that I could get into!           – John


At the completion of a DDM Workshop all participants will be encouraged to use the inductive Bible study method for personal study and to begin to teach others. They will also be encouraged to serve at future workshops as assistant instructors to further develop their skills.

Typical Workshop Schedule

  • Friday:  5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Sunday Morning: Speaking event for either home group or church service & Sunday school – Qualified SOM Staff is willing to deliver a message highlighting the growing global Church, especially in restricted regions of the world with overcoming and inspirational stories.

  • Sunday Evening: 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Seeing the reality of people being real in the Word of God changed the way I will read the Bible. – Katie



  • “Wow…cannot believe a week has passed since Training… My life is forever changed & I Know this IS MY gifting…I CAN share HIS STORY in HIS Power!  I can’t put it into words, my spirit was leaping!” – Mary

  • “My testimony to the very, very short time I got to participate, is I likened to the feeling I have when I hear the story of Mary walking into Elizabeth’s house and the baby in her womb, John the Baptist, lept inside her at Mary’s presence who was carrying our savior Jesus.  That is how my spirit felt as we were trained Friday night and as we heard the story from Ron on letting go, and giving our all to God, how we will be transformed when we give our all to God.” – Cindy 

  • “It was exciting as the stories began to unfold, to watch as each person entered the story, became unlocked, and treasures and precious gems were discovered! People took ownership of the story.” – Janet


Here are some pictures of past workshops of the Discussion Discipleship Training