10 Year Anniversary Celebration

SOM International Contacts Sharing Stories of Changed Lives



India: Pastor Singh is the leader of one of the fastest growing church planting movements in the world. SOM-India oversees church planting schools in which hundreds of Indians each year are trained for ministry. Starting in 2011 with 35 house churches, this movement has grown to over 20,000 house churches. SOM-India also oversees the Lighthouse Sewing Centers which provide widows and single mothers the opportunity to learn a trade for a microbusiness while equipping them in biblical training and discipleship. (India is currently listed at the 11th highest nation to persecute Christians. Ironically great numbers of Indians are finding hope in Christ Jesus.) Pastor Singh will be sharing his story of exponential church growth and the opportunities for impact in the next ten years.


Northwest Africa: Saidou is a Muslim Background Believer who has a powerful story of coming to Christ. He represents the growing persecuted ex-Muslims who are impacting Islamic nations with the love of Christ. Saidou serves persecuted Christians in Northwest Africa. He leads church planting schools in Northwest Africa for other Muslim Background Believers and oversees youth discipleship summer camps. Saidou will share stories of growing revival among the Muslim population finding hope and love through Jesus Christ. He will share his vision for transformation of Northwest Africa in the next ten years.


Latin America: Russell Stendal’s ministry started in 1983 by being taken hostage by radical Marxist guerrilla forces in Colombia. After five months of imprisonment in the jungle, Russell was released once they had discovered his conduit of peace and loving his enemies. Russell courageously and faithfully shares the hope of Jesus Christ to the people throughout Latin America via radio, Bible distribution and biblical teaching. He played a vital part in the recent Peace Accord in Colombia. Russell will share his story and the growing revival in Latin America. He will share opportunities to reach difficult places and people in the next ten years.



Latin America: Albert Luepnitz (92 years young) was diagnosed of degenerate back disease in 1981 and told he would soon be in a wheelchair. That year at a prayer meeting he was healed and soon called to start a prayer ministry to Latin America. In 2011, Albert joined Russell Stendal in ministry to the Marxist guerrilla leadership. The Lord used Albert’s prayers to touch the guerrilla leadership and today some of them are seeking the Lord. The guerrilla leadership has shared, “Russell and Albert showed us the way of love and without their influence and help, peace in Colombia would have never been possible.” Albert will share his story and his hope for Latin America.



USA: David Witt, the Founder and CEO of SOM-USA. He has traveled to 52 nations and interviewed hundreds of persecuted Christians in restricted areas of the world. David will share the story of SOM’s humble beginnings in 2008 and the steps of miraculous provision to grow SOM to a global outreach of serving restricted Christians. He will share the growing impact domestically in the USA and opportunities for the next ten years.




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Saturday, October 6, 2018 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Verde Community Church

111 S. Candy Lane

Cottonwood, Arizona 86326


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